Candle mould – Tall Hex Honeycomb Bees


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Candle Mould – Tall Hex Honeycomb Bees:

  • Resilient silicon mould for making your own beautiful professional beeswax candles.
  • Candle Mould – Tall Hex Honeycomb Bees measures 165mm high by 51mm diameter.
  • This quality mould is hand-made in Scotland and with care will last several years.
  • Pre-holed for wicks and come with a wick-laying channel to keep them erect when pouring the wax.
  • Requires 300g of beeswax and No. 6 wick
  • Simple instructions:
  • 1. Use a wicking needle to push your wick through the hole and measure quantity of wicking required.
  • 2.  Hold wick in place with a plasticine plug to prevent wax leaking out
  • 3.  Place rubber bands (provided) around the mould to hold firmly in place.
  • 4.  Put two small wooden blocks on base of candle and rest wick holder on top (wind wick round to hold firm first)
  •  5.  Pour melted beeswax into candle mould and ensure wick is held firm in the centre.
  • 6.  Leave for 2 hours at room temperature before carefully removing the mould.  Ensure you do not rip the split on the side.
  •  7.  Trim the wick and clean any beeswax off the top wick.

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