We are excited to be stockists of Paradise Honey Products from Finland.

Paradise bee boxes and nucs are manufactured from food grade high density polystyrene and are renowned for their ability to keep the hive warm in winter and cool in summer.

Paradise Honey products now available from Hive World include the Nuc & Mate Box and the Queen trap system.

See Trevor Gillbanks video on Paradise hives https://youtu.be/wfYBFqWmV94


The Nuc & Mate Box

The Nuc & Mate Box is a multifunction tool used for making new colonies or to raise new Queens.  To start a new colony, you place the necessary number of frames with brood in the Nuc & Mate box.  You can divide the box into two 3–frame mini-hives so as to mate two queens at the same time.  Remove the dividing wall later if you wish to take the colonies over winter with 6 frames.

The Nuc & Mate Hive is made of food grade, extra hardened, expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density over 100 kg/m³.  In proper use, the Nuc & Mate Hive will last for several decades.


During transport, secure the hive top with a strap. In the apiary, keep the hive tops in place with a stone or brick weighing about 2 kg. In hot climates or during transport, turn the top upside down to form a tunnel above the frames thus ensuring adequate ventilation.  Place a screen on top of the hive to prevent the bees from escaping.

Feedback from satisfied customers is unanimous in regard to the success of the Nuc & Mate Hive.  One said  “They actually work too well – the queen bred so fast that the bees starved!”  Obviously, you need to feed adequately if the outside conditions aren’t the best, as inside the hive everything is A1 for the bees!

The Queen Trap System

The Queen Trap system is a special fitting added to the Queen Excluder.  This keeps the Queen in your hive while allowing the other bees entrance above the excluder.  All you have to do is close off the Entrance Reducer to ensure the Queen is unable to lead a swarm away.https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product/paradise-queen-trap-system/



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