Gift ideas for the beekeeperAre you stuck for gift ideas for the beekeeper in your life?   Are you needing inspiration for that special gift?

We have some Buzzy ideas for you –

Firstly, for the budding beekeeper what about our Beehive Starter Package?

Then, for a quality bee suit to charm and delight your beekeeper, we suggest you take a look at our Hive World range of beesuits – we stock the Ranger, the Ventilated and the Pro style, something to  suit all beekeepers:

New gloves are always handy and our French-made Peauceros washable leather are the best gloves you can find:  comfort and quality combined: .

And for the beekeeper who has everything – our Hiveworld beekeepers’ tool belt –

We have a book that beekeepers will enjoy.  “Bees at the Bottom of the Garden” is  very informative and interestingly written:

Little pocket fillers, for example magnets, keyrings, tea-towels or even an umbrella. from our selection are great gift ideas for the beekeeper:

Finally, don’t forget candlemoulds.   Your beekeeper will certainly enjoy making their own candles with spare beeswax – give a gift to make a gift!  We have a lovely bee-themed selection for you to choose from:

Give us a call and we will be glad to help, we can even gift wrap for you if required.

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