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    Wax melting tank from Thomas Apiculture This melting tank is designed to render bits of comb or complete combs without having to remove the wires The round style wax melter is more efficient than the square type because the circular design ensures an even temperature throughout and can melt a full load in approx. 20 minutes. The tank is composed of an outer flat bottomed tank and an internal tank with an inverted conical bottom which forms a small reservoir. Wax is heated up by the bottom and circumference of the tank as a result of the boiling water jacket. Heat is from a gas burner (not supplied). There is a removable stainless steel basket to collect the debris. Has a reinforced conical lid with a safety ball valve to prevent over pressurizing and a thick silicone gasket to make it fully watertight. The wax is rendered down by the rising steam, becomes purified and flows out perfectly clean ready to be set in moulds. Dimensions are 530 dia x 760 high.  Capacity - 82 litres

    This product has a 6-8 week delivery time.  POA.

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