82L Wax melting tank

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Wax melting tank 82L capacity from Thomas Apiculture:  http://www.thomas-apiculture.com/

  • This thoughtfully designed and quality manufactured product will be a serious asset in your extracting set-up.  Using this method ensures the purest wax in the best condition.  Because it doesn’t have a lengthy meltdown period, the wax is not overheated.
  • Renders down either bits of comb or complete combs without having to remove the wires
  • Circular design ensures an even temperature throughout therefore it will melt a full load in approx. 20 minutes
  • Heat with a gas burner (not supplied).
  • Removable stainless steel basket to collect the debris.
  • Has a reinforced conical lid with a safety ball valve and a thick silicone gasket thus ensuring it is fully watertight.
  • Rising steam renders down the wax which is then purified, flowing out perfectly clean, all ready to be set in moulds.
  • Dimensions are 530mm dia x 760mm high.
  • Wax Melting Tank 82L capacity.

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