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    For those of you who already have some of your gear or would just like to purchase extra hives Hive World supplies this Basic Starter Pack to make it easy.

    It comes complete with lid, waxed frames, queen excluder, hive mat, wooden floor and entrance reducer all held together with a metal hive strap.  It also includes a top feeder and frame for feeding.

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    Hive World supplies a complete Paradise 10-frame hive with top, bottom, 2 x supers (your choice of FD or 3/4D), an entrance reducer, queen excluder and a 10L top feeder.

    Give your bees the best comfort with an ambient all-year-round temperature to allow them to concentrate on producing more honey.

  • This universal honey creamer/mixer will fit a large range of honey tanks to help you process your honey. It has adjustable brackets to take tanks with diameters of 350 mm to 550 mm and we manufacture the paddle to suit your tank size. 24RPM  and with a 0.37 Kw motor.

    Talk to us about your requirements. Pricing will depend on your tank mixer size.

    All Stainless steel construction. Tank shown also available as  a separate item