Bee Aware month at Hive WorldBee Aware month at Hiveworld

Bee Aware Month at Hive World

The following is my personal “Bee Aware Month Moment”:

Pruning back the undergrowth, deadwood from the hydrangeas.

Under the cherry tree in full bloom.

Sun warm on my back but grass still too boggy to mow.

No noisy lawnmowers but there’s a busy sound all the same….

The cherry tree – humming with activity.

A celebration of bees.

SEPTEMBER is Bee Aware Month –

This is a special time we can do our bit to help out our hardworking honey gatherers!

  • Plant bee-friendly plants each season to provide nectar and pollen
  • Choose plants with single open flowers – bees love rosemary, harakeke (flax), pip-fruit trees (such as pear, apple, quince and crab apple), sunflowers, rock roses and citrus trees.
  •  Provide a saucer of clean water for bees to drink.  Put a few pebbles or sticks in the water so the bees have something to stand on.
  • Avoid using pesticides in your garden when plants are flowering.  If you absolutely have to, avoid spraying flowers or buds and do it after sunset when bees are not active.
  • Take a break from lawnmowing – don-t mow so often and let the clover flowers grow.

Have a look at the APINZ website  you will find activity sheets for the children as well as lots of information about bees.

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