Urban beekeepingUrban beekeeping is the new buzzword.  What could be better than harvesting your own honey?   Maybe increasing the pollination rate of fruit and vegetables in your garden?

Beekeeping has become a very visible occupation.  This is due to the discovery of the benefits of manuka honey and other products produced by bees.  It is also perceived that bees are at risk and their population is decreasing.   Although this is not entirely accurate, bees do have more threats including the Varroa mite, AFB and other diseases.

Urban beekeeping has become popular and can be a rewarding hobby.  This is not only from the chance to harvest your own honey but also because bees will provide pollination to fruit and vegetables in the vicinity. Bees are often healthier and do better in urban areas.  This is due to the greater range of flowering plants and a longer flowering season. Moreover, the temperatures in urban areas are often higher than in rural areas.

How do I go about urban beekeeping?

Beekeeping involves committal as bees need management throughout the summer if you are to harvest honey at the end of it. Beekeeping is an absorbing hobby and you will need to seek advice from an experienced beekeeper to ensure that your bees are managed correctly. It is also a hobby that you can spend a lot of money on if you do not seek advice before you buy. You will need a suitable area to place your hive.  Ideally, look for somewhere that will not annoy your neighbours and is not in an exposed place or too shady. We do advise you to join a club for advice and support.

APINZ statistics show that the number of hobby beekeepers (less than 5 hives) in NZ has grown from 1745 in 2010 to 4330 in 2016 so if you take this hobby up you will certainly have lots of company.

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