The miracle of beeswax:

Beeswax is a truly amazing substance with many uses by us humans!  However, the true miracle of beeswax is in how the bees actually produce it.

Between the 12th and 20th day of a bees lifespan they form special wax producing glands in their abdomen.

By eating the honey they convert the sugar in it to produce wax.

Other bees then take the wax, chew it and mould it into the shape required.the miracle of beeswax

One bee will make 8 flakes of wax a day for one week of their life and it will take 1100 flakes to produce 1 gram of wax.

3 kg of honey will produce approx 500 grams of wax.

Doesn’t it make you think about all the effort that goes into the making of the miracle of beeswax!

Truly these are amazing creatures.

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