“The season’s cooling down fast and getting wetter.  As it does so, bees like to be warm and dry, so check their hive and the surrounding area for dampness and shading.  If it’s looking a bit gloomy and dank, think of how the bees might be feeling and give the area a spruce up;  trim away any surrounding vegetation that might be preventing sunlight and wind from keeping the hive dry and warm and improve the chances of your bees making it successfully through the winter.

If you’re new to the practice of keeping bees, seek advice on how to ensure that your bees make it through to spring.  Feed them if you will, or leave their honey inside the hive for their own use.  Your choice will depend on your intentions for your bees.  Are they primarily for honey production?  That is, producing for your consumption?  Or are they in your garden to assist with pollination?  In which case you can leave their honey for their use.

It’s delightful having bees in and around the garden, and keeping a hive will ensure you get to see them going about their daily business.”

(taken from Kapi-Mana news 1 May 2018)

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