Twisted Table Candlemould


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The twisted table candlemould is a new addition to our line-up of  beautiful silicon moulds.

  • Handmade in Scotland (as all our silicon moulds are).
  • The twisted table candlemould is 20mm diameter and 200mm high to fit regular candelabra style holders.
  • This candlemould uses less than 40g beeswax!
  • Easy to achieve a professional result that looks right in every situation.
  • To accurately pour in your beeswax, we advise folding a piece of stiff paper in half. Hold at an angle against the hole on top of the mould and carefully pour your wax into the fold.  As a result, the wax will go exactly where you want instead of all over the bench (as I did on my first attempt!).
  • Plenty of rubber bands are provided to hold the mould firmly together.
  • As always, this mould will last you for years with careful handling.
  • Use No. 1A Candlewick with this candlemould:

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Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm

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