Stainless Steel Prolift Hivetool



Hive World’s Stainless Steel Prolift Hivetool:

  • Known as a pro-lifter, this stainless steel hive tool will certainly become one of your most trusted, well-used tools in the apiary.
  • Right-angled bevelled edges are a perfect shape for easily scraping and cleaning the top of the frames.
  • The slightly hooked end is ideal for cleaning in awkward corners and crevices.  As well as that, it is great for levering frames stuck in with propolis and prying them up.
  • The scraper end is great for cleaning frame tops.  Moreover, you will find it useful for inserting between the supers to separate them.
  • A nicely sized solid stainless steel construction at 290mm long and with a quality 190g weight.
  • The stainless steel prolift hivetool includes all you require for all your hive-working requirements.
  • Don’t forget to purchase our Hive World Beekeepers tool-belt to ensure you don’t lose your new tool!

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Additional information

Weight 0.182 kg
Dimensions 29 × 3.6 × 0.4 cm


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