Secrets of the Beehive


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Secrets of the Beehive – A cut-out informational wheel chart on the life cycle of the honeybee.

Parents:  Are you looking for something constructive for kids to do on rainy days?

Teachers:  Is Nature study an important part of your class curriculum?

Do you require an educational classroom resource activity on the Honeybee?

Hands-on activities are a great way to reinforce learning while having fun.

  • Secrets of the Beehive is an informative wheel chart illustrating the honeybee’s life cycle.
  • Children colour in the hexagon-shaped diagrams, then cut out and glue them on the base.
  • Very easy to put the wheel together as instructed with the fastener provided.
  • Great hands on activity to create interest in how this most fascinating insect society functions.
  • Furthermore, this wheel chart will make a permanent handy reference for the nature study table in your classroom.

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