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Here’s a new idea from Hive World!  A Cardboard Model Hive to push out, fold and stick together:

  • This cardboard model hive is a great educational tool when teaching your class about bees and beekeeping.
  • Children can have the fun and satisfaction of creating their own model hive to see how everything fits together in a real hive.
  • Great for a tactile learning experience and furthermore provides the basis for a lifelong interest in apiculture.
  • Its always more fun to do rather than just listen!  Enhances the learning process for every child.
  • Easy to make – simply push out the components and fold on the lines shown. Glue on the tabs provided to hold in position.  (We suggest using a glue stick for easy application).

Hive World also stocks another fun educational project for kids to enjoy.  Secrets of the Beehive is an information wheel that children can colour in, cut out and construct:

Both of these are a helpful learning tool in a classroom situation.  Next time your class is studying insects, add some tactile learning for fun!

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