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Pollen Shovel

$6.10 Excluding GST

This handy pollen shovel easily scoops up your pollen harvest for collection or storage until the bees need it.  The two flat sides enable you to get right into the corners.  Lightweight, easy to use tool.

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  • Description

    The Hive World Pollen Shovel:

    • is a sturdy design despite being lightweight and easy to use.
    • manufactured from galvanised metal with an easy grip plastic handle.
    • is thoughtfully designed with two flat edges which consequently enables you to gather pollen from the corners of your hive.
    • helps you harvest this lucrative by-product of your bees tidily and efficiently.
    • is also an effective little tool for clearing out all the rubbish at the bottom of your hive box (dead bees and other debris from the hive’s housekeeping).
    • measures 9,5cm long and 7.5cm wide at the front of the shovel and 6cm wide at the back.  Handle is 12cm long.

    Additional information

    Weight .095 kg
    Dimensions 22.5 × 8 × 3.5 cm