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Hive World supplies two styles of Frame Grip:

Stainless Steel Frame Grip:

  • has single spring allowing one-handed operation while loosening with your hive tool in the other hand.
  • causes minimal interference to the bees on the frame and doesn’t harm the comb.
  • makes it very easy to loosen and remove frames from supers without dirtying your gloves or hands or the honey frames themselves.
  • made with good easy to hold handles so you don’t drop the frame on the ground thereby dirtying it or running the risk of crushing the bees.
  • enables better control when working with protective gloves as you can easily maintain a firm grip on the frame.

Stainless Steel Frame Grip Manipulation Tool:

  • one of those nifty gadgets dreamt up by a smart time-and-motion-study guy to assist beekeepers on the job!
  • two-in-one operation, loosen your frames as well as lift them out without having to juggle multiple tools.
  • small end on the hive tool can get into tighter spaces than your regular hive tool.
  • use the tool-end like a screwdriver to loosen the propolised frames after an initial scrape with the flat blade.
  • This method enables you to loosen and remove the frames without the risk of damaging them as a regular hive-tool can sometimes do.

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Dimensions 13 × 7 × 12 cm

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