Pesticides off the shelves in Australasia:

Bunnings have made a decision to remove the pesticide Yates Confidor from their shelves.   They will be stocking natural and organic pesticides instead.  This applies to both New Zealand and Australia.pesticides off the shelves

Consequently, beekeepers are celebrating the news as Confidor is one of a large group of pesticides that have been linked to bee deaths.  Any removal of pesticides off the shelves relieves bees of risk.

According to a Bunnings spokesperson,  they have decided to err on the side of caution as this link has not been proved.

Confidor is a neonicotinoid.  Neonicotinoids work by actual absorption into the plant rather than simply coating the surface. As a result, the chemical spreads easily to all parts of the plant.   Bees come into contact therefore when they gather  pollen.

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