Oxalic-glycerine stripsOxalic-glycerine strips for varroa treatment are becoming more and more popular as beekeepers look to better long-term, eco-friendly methods of fighting this pest.  As varroa becomes more resistent to synthetic treatments, oxalic acid is proving a consistently reliable option.

Large commercial beekeepers have been using OVA board/oxalic-glycerine strips for varroa treatment for several years now.  They have cut treatment costs by up to three quarters while still maintaining low varroa levels.

Beekeepers Friend Strips are:

  • Developed specifically for using with oxalic/glycerine treatment.
  • Manufactured in the USA by the same company who also makes OVA board.
  • Made from a lighter more absorbent material than OVA board therefore they are easier to insert in your hive.

Hive World is the exclusive stockist for BKF in New Zealand.

Size of the strips is 38mm wide x 380mm long.

Available here –https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product/ova-board-strips-suitable-for-oxalic-acid-and-glycerine/

A commonly used solution is 4-6 ratio by volume of oxalic acid to glycerine.   Dissolve the oxalic acid by heating the solution.  Place strips in a large bin or other plastic container and leave to absorb the solution.  Dry the strips before using in the hive.  There are quite a few You-tube video’s available showing how to do this, including the following from Kirwee Bees:  https://youtu.be/eY8mqvKrY40?fbclid=IwAR28AdJNr-OSOdK2m0fYzgV-hxGffTr2pbw9Uag5YN48Lj_LYW9UKTAbm8w

It is essential to test a few strips on a couple of hives to ensure you have the correct mixture to be effective without harming your bees.

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