The new manuka standard controversy has raised hackles in Northland. 

Far North honey producers say the Ministry of Primary Industries’ regulatory definition, published a year ago, excludes up to 50 percent of their honey.  This is  based on just one chemical marker – even in areas where the bees have nothing but mānuka to feed on.

This problem has just come to light as this seasons honey  from the Far North was tested.

Another article regarding manuka testing might interest you as well – see our blog:

Manuka honey testing is definitely a controversial topic! 

Finding the measure that pleases everyone will be pretty difficult.  However, giving beekeepers clear guidelines will encourage them to do their best to meet them.  The hardest time is when the rules change.  Suddenly, best practices you have been adhering to are not good enough any more.  This is the position so many New Zealand beekeepers have found themselves in.  Many beekeepers are innocent victims of these changes but there has been a lot of dodgy stuff going on.  This has smirched the industry’s reputation as a whole.

With a positive reset and forward thinking, we should be able to pull through this crisis and raise New Zealand’s  honey quality higher as a result.  Hopefully the new manuka standard controversy will prove a positive force.


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