New findings on Varroa Destructor have turned research into their treatment on its head. 

The varroa destructor mite is the greatest single problem for honeybees (and beekeepers) worldwide.  To control the mite, it has been necessary to understand how it preys on the bee.  We develop treatments as a result of our understanding of the insect biology and inter-relationship.  Scientists have now challenged what we thought we knew.

It turns out for the last 50 years we have been wrong about the Varroa Destructor!

For 50 years, we have thought that varroa mite fed on hemolymph (bees blood).  New studies show that they feed on bee fat body tissue instead, causing damage more directly. This finding not only necessitates a change in the direction of efforts to control this insect, it also explains some of the pathological debilitation that mite infestation caused.  It goes to show that it will be a while before we know all there is to know about inter-relationship of species and diseases.  There is still plenty of work to be done in this field!

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new findings on varroa destructor

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