Halloween Horror Story – Flesh-Eating Zom-Bees

I guess you feel like us that bees are nature’s sweeties – the perfect creature who works selflessly feeding daintily on flowers to provide  the yummiest product (honey). Well, here’s a new Halloween horror story – flesh eating Zom-Bees.  Yes, there is such a thing!

Not all bees are strict vegetarians however, a few break the mould and favour rotting flesh.

Vulture bees belong to a group of bees of the Trigona Genus  known as Trigona necrophaga.  They were only discovered as recently as

Halloween Horror story - flesh-eating Zom-bees

These bees lack pollen carrying baskets on their legs. Instead they feed on decaying flesh as their sole source of protein to supplement the nectar they collect from flowers. Their sense of smell leads them to a suitable corpse.  They then chew the soft decaying flesh and store it in an adapted stomach ready to regurgitate it, after adding enzymes, to feed to their larvae.

Unlike the Apis Mellifera, they do not use the waggle dance to communicate their food source  but communicate using pheremone trails of saliva.



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