Well, it’s a long way from NZ to Montreal!  14 1/2 hours to Vancouver, then another 5 hours across Canada to the beautiful city of Montreal on the banks of the mighty St Laurence Seaway.  The weather was pleasant with 12 degree mornings up to 18 degrees during the day.

Was it worth it?  YES – picture Rotorua x 4 and you get some idea.  Many large stands from all over the world – Europe:  so many countries represented, United Kingdom, Croatia, Poland, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Czechoslavakia, Greece and Turkey featuring quality extraction and other specialised machinery and plenty of  Chinese companies with all sorts of bee products to catch your eye. We’ve come back with a bag full of ideas – watch this space!

A lot of stands were promoting their countries honey:  South American and African Pavilions, Canada, USA, Russia … but NOT NZ!

Old Montreal

Honey from around the world

Why not?  we seem to have missed the opportunity again!  Our beautiful unique honeys – pohutukawa, rewarewera, tawiri, kanuka, manuka and kamahi – deserve to be up there in front of the world.

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