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Pail perch


Stainless Steel Pail perch can hold pails up to 20 L capacity.

An easy, clean way of emptying your honey pails:  enables you  to leave your pails to drain while you are occupied with other tasks.  Securely holds your pail while it drains into your storage containers.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World’s nifty Pail perch:

    • Is suitable for supporting pails holding up to 20 litre capacity.
    • Sits firmly on the bucket to be filled while supporting the draining bucket without you having to supervise the operation.
    • Enables you  to drain the last drop of honey from your pail without having to stand for ages holding the bucket or trying to scrape the dregs down with no spare hand available!
    • is made from stainless steel hence providing a strong, solid reliable product.
    • No mess, no wasted time; this is an easy to use gadget that you will wonder how you managed without.