CandleMould – Medium Round Bee Tealight


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CandleMould – Medium Round Bee Tealight:

  • A cute tealight candle mould complete with a bee on top for a sweet accent.
  • These moulds are made by hand in Scotland of quality silicon rubber and will last for years with care.
  • Comes pre-holed for wick and complete with a wicking channel to ensure candle stays erect when you are pouring the beeswax in.
  • This candle is 25mm high and 40mm diameter and requires only 25g of beeswax to make.
  • Simple instructions:
  • 1. Use a wicking needle to push your wick through the hole and measure quantity of wicking required.
    2. Hold wick in place with a plasticine plug to prevent wax leaking out
    3. Place rubber bands (provided) around the mould to hold firmly in place.
    4. Put two small wooden blocks on base of candle and rest wick holder on top (wind wick round to hold firm first)
    5. Pour melted beeswax into candle mould and ensure wick is held firm in the centre.
    6. Leave for 2 hours at room temperature before carefully removing the mould. Ensure you do not rip the split on the side.
    7. Trim the wick and clean any beeswax off the top wick.

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