Great Job - royal Beekeeper

Looking for employment?  Great Job – Royal Beekeeper!

Many beekeepers in New Zealand are finding the current climate is pretty tough for their trade.  If you’re looking for employment opportunities in other places – here’s a great job – Royal Beekeeper!

A photo of the queen taken  in 2003 has come to light showing her amusement at a swarm of bees interrupting a formal outdoor ceremony.

Naturally, the Royal Beekeeper was summonsed immediately in order to deal with this unlawful intrusion.  Thankfully, the only injury sustained in the attempted overthrow was to the loyal Sergeant-Major.  One of the aggressors managed to land a sting on his forehead in the bee-line of duty.  On all other fronts, we can confirm the successful round-up of the invaders.   Final Report?  All safely dispatched under hive-arrest to a secure location.

You can see the great joy and relief of the real Queen at the overthrow of the usurper in the photograph below.

great job - Royal Beekeeper
great job - Royal beekeepergreat job - Royal Beekeeper

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