Beekeeping in the Northern Hemisphere

Beekeeping in the Northern Hemisphere

We have a sister company in Edmonton in the province of Alberta Canada. Beekeeping in this region of the world is very different from New Zealand.

Their summers are hot and short (when we were there it was 37 C and six months later it was -37!) and winters long and cold. For up to six months the bees have no source of nectar so need to be fed well before it gets too cold, bees do not even access the feeders so all needs to be easily

Beekeeping in the Northern Hemisphere

Canola field

accessible in  the frames. Nosema is a major problem with bees not even able to leave the hive for long periods of time. They have up to a 30% loss rate over winter!

Here is what is happening in June –

The bees in Alberta (and other parts of the prairies) are building up on the dandelion flow, and your hive should be expanding. June can bring fluctuating temperatures, which makes it a tough month for the bees. The main flow is close, but if the weather is wet or windy, the bees can’t go on collection trips for pollen and nectar. Beekeeping Tip: Keep feeding until the summer solstice (June 20). 

Their main flow will be canola and Alfalfa in July – very mono-floral.  Just another of the differences with Beekeeping in the Northern Hemisphere.

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