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American style hive tool

$7.80 Excluding GST

Hive World’s kelly style hive tool is the classic American style hive tool.

It has one tapered flat end which is ideal for prying and removing frames and one curved end useful for scraping burr comb and manipulating frames.

This model is 260 mm long

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  • Description

    Hive World’s Kelly Style Hive Tool features:

    • one angled end and one bevelled flat end that enables you to scrape burr comb off your frames and wax off your equipment in the way that best suits you.  A great tool for prying apart your hive boxes and releasing the frames inside your hive prior to inspections.
    • The Kelly style is probably our most popular hive tool – a good all rounder in the apiary.
    • Product Plus:  bright yellow paint job makes this tool easy to find if you drop it in the grass.
    • Looks great with our handy beekeepers toolbelt!
    • 260 mm long

    Additional information

    Weight .165 kg
    Dimensions 26 × 4 × 2.5 cm