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Woven Polyester hive strap with plated ratchet

$10.87 Excluding GST

Hive World’s economical woven polyester hive strap is great for holding your hive together.

Easy-to-use with a metal ratchet to tighten and hold the strap firm.  No other tools required.  Simple to open when inspecting the hive and means you are worry-free about leaving your hive to the elements.

This hive strap is made with UV resistant polyester webbing for longer life expectancy.  It has a 1.5tonne breaking load.

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    Hive World’s woven polyester hive strap with plated ratchet:

    • an easy to use method of holding your hive together – simply ensure the strapping is placed round supers and hive base  and tighten your ratchet on the lid.
    • This is an economical option for securing your hives.
    • holds the hive firmly together to protect from damage from weather and stock.  Essential when transporting your hives.
    • 5m long robust woven polyester strapping to allow for adding extra supers as your hive grows during the honey flow.
    • plated ratchet for long lasting reliability and firm hold:  easy to undo when inspecting your hive and simple to secure after you have finished.
    • Our woven polyester hive strap is UV resistant and is rated with a 1.5tonne breaking load.

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    Weight .320 kg
    Dimensions 18 × 10 × 4 cm