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Why Not Top Bar Hives?

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Why not Top Bar Hives? is an interesting look at the practicalities of keeping bees in Top Bar Hives.  Written by an experienced English beekeeper (Jim Slade) this book includes many instructional photographs and hints on the best way of building your top bar hive as well as the different method required when caring for your bees in this way.

Essential reading for anyone interested in trying out this bee-friendly method of keeping bees.

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  • Description

    Why not Top Bar Hives? is an interesting look at the practicalities of keeping bees in top bar hives.  Written by an experienced English beekeeper, (Jim Slade) who kept bees commercially in the conventional way.  However, after he retired he chose to use top bar hives as a method that was more bee friendly.

    He has designed his own style of top bar hive and gives his reasons for why he chose each step of his design.  There are plenty of instructional photographs as well as first hand experience tips and hints included in this useful book.

    If you have ever considered trying out this method, this will make for informative reading before launching in to it.  Definitely not the way for someone wanting to get the maximum return of honey but on the other hand, an eco and beefriendly alternative to the normal method.  Because this style of hive does not look like a beehive, it is easy to slip it into suburbia without causing a ruckus with the neighbours!

    Another advantage of top-bar hives is that they are placed on a comfortable height frame which eliminates the bending down to the normal style hive.  The hive grows from the centre outways each side due to the brood being located in the centre of the hive.  Hence the difference to the regular hive system where the brood is in the bottom box(es) and the growth is upwards (with the addition of extra supers).