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Wheel type wire embedder

$7.40 Excluding GST

This wheel type embedding tool makes embedding wire in your wax foundation  easy by rolling the tool over the wire thereby pushing it into the foundation.

The embedder works better when warmed so many beekeepers buy two and have one warming while using the other.

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  • Description

    Wheel type wire embedder tool:

    • has a groove between the spurs thus enabling the wheel to run along the wire.  This makes embedding your wax foundation easy as the embedder stays on the wire.
    • It is necessary to warm the embedder so that the wax is softened and holds onto the wire.  This is the reason that many beekeepers buy two tools and have one warming while they are using the other.
    • Simply lay the foundation in the frame with the wires on top so you can easily run the wheel along the wire.  This method won’t overdo the heat in contrast to using electric wire embedding which can result in a melted pile of wax if you are over keen!

    Additional information

    Weight .030 kg
    Dimensions 14.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm