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F/D Wax Foundation Heavy Brood 212mm

$28.00 Excluding GST

Hive World supplies Heavy Brood Wax Foundation made of quality New Zealand beeswax. Midway in weight between Manuka Special and Medium Brood, this is a strong solid foundation which enables the bees to draw it out very quickly.  It is an all-purpose foundation great for both brood and honey.

Price shown is for quantity x 10.

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  • Description

    Our Wax Foundation Heavy Brood:

    • Heavy Brood wax foundation is midway in weight between Manuka Special and Medium Brood.  You get 13 sheets of foundation per kg in full depth (212mm).
    • Although more wax is used per sheet,  the advantage is that the bees are able to draw it out very quickly.   Furthermore this makes the wax sheet very strong.
    • Heavy Brood is a good all rounder suitable for using in both brood boxes and the honey supers.
    • Quality New Zealand Beeswax therefore it will last indefinitely if kept dry and in a cardboard container.  Furthermore wax moth will not attack it as it is pure beeswax.
    • Minimum order quantity 10.

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    Weight .076 kg
    Dimensions 42 × 215 × 1.5 cm