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Beeswax sprayer

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The Hive World Duoline Hot Wax Sprayer from Viseco in Germany is a simple and efficient way to spray your own plastic frames with beeswax.  You will achieve an even coating of the quantity you desire with minimal overspray.

With beeswax becoming more valuable you not only save on the time taken to coat your foundation but will also save on wax used.  There is a great advantage in knowing where the wax came from that is used on your frames.
Electronic controls enable you to regulate bowl and nozzle temperature.
No need to clean out the gun on completion of job as the wax is re-melted each time it is turned on.
All that is required is a supply of clean wax and a small air compressor.  It is recommended to set aside an area to do your spraying in to contain any overspray.

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Hot wax spraying is useful with many other applications in which solvent-free media are to be liquefied –

  • refining wooden surfaces on furniture and parquet finishing
  • corrosion protection in metal spinning
  • improving and designing candles and wax sculptures
  • professional ski servicing
  • impregnating packing materials

Advantages are improved surface refinement, simplicity of operation, gentle heating up of the material and small consumption of air pressure.

Please contact us for more details.

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  • Description
  • Description

    The Hive World Duoline Hot Wax Sprayer:

    • This sprayer is manufactured by Viseco in Germany.
    • enables you to coat your own plastic foundation simply and quickly with minimal overspray.
    • You control quality and quantity of wax used because you know the origin of the wax.
    • The spray gun has electronic controls to regulate bowl and nozzle temperature.
    • There is no need to empty the wax out when finished, as it is re-melted when you turn the sprayer on again.  It is advisable however to make a stand to hold the gun upright between spraying operations to ensure no air pockets form to inhibit spray action.
    • 0.4 litre bowl capacity.
    • All you require is a supply of clean wax and a small air compressor.

    Please contact us for more details.