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Frame Feeder: 2 compartment 3/4 depth

$6.10 Excluding GST

Hive World’s Three Quarter Depth Frame Feeder comes with two compartments for dual feeding:  syrup and patties or whatever you are serving your bees!

This sturdy popular style is a great choice for those of you who are using 3/4 depth supers.  It maximises your feeding capacity in the frames and is super easy to clean.   The sides have a non-slip pattern to help prevent the bees drowning.

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  • Description

    Hive World’s Three Quarter Depth Frame Feeder features:

    • two totally separate compartments so you are able to feed two different products to your bees.
    • made of sturdy plastic in a simple design – very easy to clean.
    • great for providing maximum feeding space in a 3/4 Depth super.
    • non-slip pattern on the internal walls to help prevent your bees drowning.
    • convenient in-house feeding so bees don’t have to brave the cold to get their nourishment during increment weather.
    • easy to fill while in situ as there are no lids to worry about and furthermore you have a wide opening to pour your syrup in to.

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