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Spur wheel embedding tool

$8.70 Excluding GST

The spur wheel wax embedder has a groove in the wheel to push the wire into the wax foundation.

Solid brass construction.  For the best results warm the embedder to ensure the wax is softened and allows the wire to penetrate.

Cannot be used if the wire is crimped.

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  • Description

    The Hive World Spur Wheel Wax Embedder:

    • This handy tool firmly attaches the wax foundation to your wired frames.
    • features one brass embedding wheel with a concave groove which hugs the wire as it runs along.  This embeds the wire firmly into the wax.
    • Using an embedding tool results in a stronger foundation for your bees to build on because you ensure the wire is firmly embedded.
    • solid brass construction for long life and durability.
    • The wheel must be heated so that the wax is softened enough to allow the wire to penetrate the sheet properly.
    • Do not use this tool with crimped wire.

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    Weight .050 kg
    Dimensions 23 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm