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Sherriff Bulk-Buy Pricing

Sherriff Bulk-Buy Pricing is available when purchasing the Sherriff Apiarist and the Sherriff Bee-Farmer styles.

See the table below and contact us on 0800 000 770 to order your requirements.  Alternatively email us on to place your order.

Special requirements (eg Short, Tall or alternative colours) are available at discount as well but will take extra time as they may need to be specially ordered.

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  • Description

    We have organised our Sherriff Bulk-Buy Pricing for your convenience as listed below.  Unfortunately we are unable to process this on our website therefore please contact us  either by email ( or phone (0800 000 770) to place your order.

    Sherriff Apiarist Beesuit:  Khaki/Mocha/White (other colours available on order if required)*

    Size Single 3+ 6+ 10+
    S-EL $250.00 $240.00 $230.00 $220.00
    EEL $274.80 $265.00 $255.00 $245.00
    EEEL $297.40 $285.00 $275.00 $265.00
    EEEEL $332.60 $320.00 $310.00 $300.00

    These prices are all GST exclusive.

    Please Note:  Special requirements for Short/Tall can be included in these prices – they will be $10.00 + GST extra.  Generally, they will need to be specially ordered and this will take at least 2-3 weeks to supply.  If you order colours not in stock, then these will take the same amount of time.

    Due to Covid-19 Lockdowns in the UK we have experienced considerable delays in supply and lengthy waits for your orders over the last year.  We do thank you for your patience through this time.  We invite you to take advantage of this new Sherriff Bulk-Buy pricing structure to help us to maintain good levels of stock going forward to supply your requirements.

    Bee Farmers Rib Cage Vest:

    Available in sizes S/M and L/EL

    Single Price:  $104.35,  3+: $100.00, 6+:  $97.00;  10+: $94.00 (Prices are GST exclusive)

    Please Note:  Bulk pricing covers the total number ordered from any category eg: 1 x S/M Bee Farmer, 1 x EL Apiarist Beesuit and 1 x EEEL Apiarist Beesuit qualifies for 3+ pricing.  Therefore if you order a total of 10 items you will qualify for 10+ pricing over all categories.

    Naturally these orders qualify for free freight to your nearest PBT depot or residential address.

    *Colours available to order are:

    Apple, Blue, Buttermilk, Lilac, Lime, Peach, Pink, Seville.

    Khaki Mocha and White are regularly in stock.