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B J Sherriff Beesuit Small to X Large

$256.50 Excluding GST

The Sherriff Apiarist All-in-One Beekeeping Suit is without compare:  first designed by BJ Sherriff in 1968, it continues to be their top-selling beesuit.  A great value investment, this quality beekeeping suit will last you for years and years.

The Apiarist offers extremely good overall protection as it is manufactured using a fine weave, smooth finish, quality polyester cotton which is both lightweight and robust.

Styled with extra pockets for convenience (including reinforced hive tool pockets) and thoughtfully finished to provide a bee-tight coverage with neat fitting zipped neck and elasticated wrists and ankles with zippers for easy dressing as well as the original Clearview Veil, Sherriffs own revolutionary design made from black nylon mesh for excellent visibility and protection.  Cool and non-claustrophobic to wear.

You will agree with Sherriff’s statement – “The only suit worth having”

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You can order the following colour options:  White, Khaki, Buttermilk, Lime, Blue, Peach, Pink, Seville, Apple and Mocha but see below list for our current stock availability – (Allow 2-3 weeks extra delivery time if colour is not in stock)

  • Small: Blue, Peach, Pink, Seville and White
  • Medium: Apple, Blue, Buttermilk, Khaki, Lilac, Mocha, Peach, Pink, Seville and White
  • Large: Apple, Blue, Buttermilk, Khaki, Lime, Mocha, Peach, Seville and White
  • Extra Large:  Apple, Blue, Khaki, Mocha, Peach,  Seville and White

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  • Description

    The Sherriff Apiarist Beesuit:

    • Combines light weight, fine weave polyester cotton comfort with maximum protection.  Due to the smooth finish fabric, it is difficult for bees to get a grip to sting through.
    • Sleeves are elasticated and also have velcro to adjust tightness.
    • Zipped for easy access, legs are also elasticated for security.
    • Top pockets have velcro.
    • Reinforced hive tool pockets.
    • Tough Clearview veil is cool and non-claustrophobic.   The black nylon mesh gives you excellent visibility and protection.
    • Neat neck opening with velcro underneath and close zipper fastening for added security.
    • Available in a range of colours:  white, khaki, buttermilk, lime, blue, peach, pink, seville, apple and mocha.
    • Traceability is assured due to every garment being individually made in Sherriff’s Cornish factory.
    • For an extra $10.00 you can order short or tall of your Sherriff Apiarist Beesuit to ensure a perfect fit.  To do this phone us on 0800 000 770 or email

    Please allow an extra 2-3 weeks for delivery of non-stock items.  Check the listings for in-stock colours in each size



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