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Cardboard Section Cases

$24.35 Excluding GST

Section Cases for presenting your wooden English Comb Honey sections for sale or protecting them for dispatch.

These cardboard cases are made with a window for displaying your product.

Sold as 1 x pack of 28.

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  • Description

    Cardboard Section Cases for your English Wooden Section Honeycomb:

    • Made of kraft brown eco-board with a viewing window so you can still see the beautiful comb inside.
    • When assembled, each section case measures 110mm x 50mm x 110mm providing a neat stackable package.
    • To enhance your traditional combs.  See our English wooden comb sections:
    • Purchase a pack of 28 as a refill for your Hive World English Section Rack Package:
    • When you are selling a quality product, you want to have a quality look to match!
    • Makes a lovely eco-friendly package to gift someone or for general sale.
    • Ready for you to put your own display labelling on to allow your personal touch for selling or gifting your product.
    • We suggest shrink-wrapping the comb or using cellophane bags to prevent leakage and maintain hygiene before packing in your cardboard section cases.

    Additional information

    Weight .185 kg
    Dimensions 25 × 16 × 2 cm

    10 pack, 28 pack