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Rigid Plastic queen excluder

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Hive World’s Rigid Plastic Queen Excluder is strongly constructed and has an allowance for the beespace beloved of so many beekeepers.

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  • Description

    Hive World supplies a rigid plastic Queen Excluder:

    • constructed with a 10mm rim to allow for beespace.
    • you can easily make your own entrance space for the bees by cutting out part of the frame.
    • in style, this excluder looks very like the wire excluders, so if you prefer wire, you might like to try this out.
    • Plastic excluders are ideal if you use oxalic or formic acid treatment as there is no problem with rusting.
    • Easy to clean using a washing soda solution to remove wax and propolis or Hive World’s Propolis solvent (HFT-6962)
    • Compared to metal excluders, the moulded plastic is gentle on the bees wings.

    Additional information

    Weight .525 kg
    Dimensions 51 × 41 × 1 cm

    Single excluder, X10 excluder