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Quick-Clip Frames Carton of 40

$182.60 Excluding GST

Grab your chance to try out comb honey production in the easiest way possible!

Hive World are offering our Quick-Clip Comb honey frames at a special rate of $182.60 + GST for a carton of 40 delivered to your nearest PBT depot.

These frames are an easy way to try out comb-honey production and enable you to cut your comb to any shape desired.  This ensures you can use all the properly capped comb for saleable product or as a beautiful gift.


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  • Description
  • Description

    1 x Carton of 40 Quick-Clip Frames delivered to your nearest PBT depot for only $182.60 + GST.  (Note – this price includes the freight costs).  How’s that?

    These frames are the easiest way to make your own comb-honey.  Simply insert your wax foundation and clip the two sides together.  If the bees don’t fill out all the comb, it is easy to cut the perfect parts out for sale and keep the remainder for family enjoyment!

    For more information see our product page:

    Make the most of this chance to try out this simple method and start a comb-honey tradition.  These frames fit a Full Depth Super.