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Quick Clip Frames for 500 g honey cassettes

$4.70 Excluding GST

These full depth plastic quick-clip frames  are designed to hold  six x 500 gram honey cassettes for comb honey (see related product link below).

Simply clip the two sections of the frame together and then fit the cassette frames inside as per the photo.  When you remove the full boxes, you can replace new cassettes in the quick-clip frame.

You may also use a sheet of thin wax foundation directly between the two sections of the quick-clip frame and clip the two sections together for an easier way than wiring and embedding your wax on wooden frames.  You can cut your own comb to your preferred size this way.

Very easy to assemble with clips to hold the two sections of frame together.


  • Description
  • Description

    Plastic Quick-Clip Cassette Frames for 500g Honey Cassettes


    • A quickly assembled frame that provides an easy way of producing your own comb honey.
    • This is a strong, re-usable plastic frame that simply clips together.
    • Fits 6 x 500g Plastic Comb Honey Cassettes for a simple no-mess method of harvesting comb honey.  The cassettes sit inside the frame and you line them with a square of thin wax foundation.  As a result, the bees are able to draw out the comb nicely.
    • You can also use the frames with just a sheet of thin wax foundation allowing you to cut the completed comb to the shape you desire.