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Plastic Frame for Comb Honey

$25.25 Excluding GST

Hive World’s Plastic Frame for Comb Honey is used for installing wax foundation. These frames are also known as ‘Quick Comb Frames’ as they are amazingly fast to assemble.

A full sheet of wax foundation perfectly fits the frame, therefore they require no trimming of the sheet and the associated wastage. This is the frame of the future for comb honey.  The frames can be completely assembled and ready to go in a few seconds.  Simply place the wax sheet between the two halves of the frame, clip frame together and Voila!  Ready to Go.  Imagine…  no need for time consuming wiring of your wooden frames.  These frames are strong enough to re-use many times therefore they are a worthwhile investment.

The comb honey can be cut to any shape once the comb is fully drawn out.

Note:  Frames are sold in packs of 5.

Wax foundation is not included but can be supplied separately.

IMPORTANT:  When producing comb honey you need to be aware of the dangers of tutin poisoning if harvesting at certain times of the year (from 1 January to 30 June).  It is recommended that comb honey should be harvested between 1 July and 31 December.

Geographically, tutin is  a risk in the North Island and above 42 degrees South in the South Island.  Tutin is a very toxic compound found in the tutu plant.  The passionvine hopper that lives in the geographic area described above, lives on these plants (as well as others) and secretes a toxic honeydew that bees will collect under certain conditions.  It does not harm the bees but over the years a number of people have become ill after eating honey containing tutin.  Contaminated honey does not look or taste different.

Check the Food Safety regulations link attached:

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  • Description

    Hive World’s plastic comb honey frame otherwise known as ‘Quick Comb’.

    Have you ever wanted to try producing your own comb honey?  (see our blog to whet your whistle! – )

    • The easiest way to produce comb honey because there is no need to fill out specially shaped compartments or work around wires.
    • Plastic comb honey frame is straight-forward to use.  Simply insert the wax foundation sheet between the two halves of the frame and clip the frame together.  (Thin grade beeswax is the best to use for comb honey).
    • The frame fits a full sheet of wax foundation therefore it eliminates the need for trimming your wax sheet (and the associated wastage).
    • No need for time consuming wiring and rivetting of your wooden frames.
    • The capped comb honey can be cut to any desired shape when fully drawn out as there are no wires in the way.  The easiest way to cut is with a hot knife but be inventive and use any metal shaped cutter.  Whatever shape, your friends will be rapt with the sweetest gift on earth!
    • This strong plastic frame is re-usable.
    • Frames are sold in packs of 5.

    For quantity pricing see our Special Sales Page offer:

    Wax foundation is not included but we can supply separately.

    IMPORTANT:  Check the website below for details on tutin regulations for information on processing comb honey.



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    Weight 1.425 kg
    Dimensions 48 × 20 × 23.2 cm


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