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Perfection Honey Gate

$66.87 Excluding GST

Perfection Honey gate manufactured in France by Thomas Apiculture.  Available in three sizes:  32mm, 40 mm, 50 mm.

The Perfection Honey Gate used worldwide is a model of French ingenuity and efficiency.  Developed by Thomas Apiculture’s own design team, its unique “drip-cutter” principle allows clean accurate honey filling.  The elbow on the outlet pipe slows down the stream of honey to allow greater control.   The improved leak-proof adjustable spring-loaded cut-off valve will outlast any other gate’s performance.  It cuts off the honey flow cleanly, making jar filling an easy job.  Equipped with an ergonomic handle for easier control of the honey flow.  The 32 and 40mm gates come with seal and nut to fit any extractor, pail or honey tank.  The 50mm is designed to use in your large drum and therefore doesn’t require seal and nut.

This is the ORIGINAL Perfection Honey-gate manufactured in France:   Don’t be tempted by vastly inferior copies.

Product +

  • Internationally renowned
  • Optimizes the filling
  • Facilitates bottling
  • Easy grip – ergonomic handle
  • Long lasting, virtually unbreakable
  • 32 mm requires a 42mm hole
  • 40 requires a 47 mm hole
  • 50 will fit into the 50BSP thread in a 200 litre drum.
  • Description
  • Additional information
  • Description

    The Original Thomas Perfection Honey Gate:  

    •  Enables you to cut the honey flow off cleanly due to the unique “drip-cutter” design.  Thus, filling your honey jars becomes an easy, accurate, mess-free job.
    • The elbow in the pipe slows down honey flow.  As a result you have  greater control when using.
    • The improved, leak-proof, adjustable, spring-loaded, cut-off valve will outlast any other gate’s performance.
    • Equipped with an easy-to-use large ergonomic handle.
    • The whole gate is virtually unbreakable due to its solid construction.
    • Three sizes are available 33/42 mm  40/49mm and 50/60mm.  The 33/42 and 40/49mm sizes come with a seal and nut to use in extractors, pails and honey tanks.  The 50/60mm is designed to fit your honey drum therefore doesn’t require seal and nut fitting.
    • The original Thomas design,  manufactured in France, provides you with a reliable quality product.  Don’t be tempted by vastly inferior copies.

    Once you have used the original Perfection Honey Gate you will never want to use anything else.

    Additional information

    Weight 300 kg
    Dimensions 19 × 10 × 8 cm
    Gate Size

    32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm