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Paraffin wax dipper

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Paraffin wax dipper by Hiveworld NZ 
The Paraffin wax dipping tank has been designed to make this essential but previously dangerous job safe and simple:

  • No need to put your hands anywhere near the hot wax while working.
  • The sides are insulated for efficient heating and for protection against accidental burns.
  • There is a temperature gauge fitted so you can ensure the correct temperature is maintained and not exceeded.
  • Fitted with an overflow pipe in case of boilover.

It has two lids with clamps to hold your boxes so while two are being dipped, the others can be draining and then painted while still hot to let the paint be absorbed into the timber.  (If the waxed box dries the paint won’t stick).

With this model  one person can easily dip and paint up to 250 boxes a day.
Customer comment –

I can leave my young worker dipping and painting by himself knowing he will not burn himself or the building down.

Included are two x 3-ring gas burners to heat the wax, however you will need to supply the gas bottles.

Please Note:  If you allow the dipper to cool off with the lids down you will need to warm the tank to melt the paraffin so you are able to raise the lids again as the wax will have solidified around them.

Also see our blog on paraffin dipping.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Paraffin wax dipper by Hiveworld NZ  – Features:

    • Designed to make the dangerous job of dipping your hive supers and other materials safer and easier.
    • No need to put your hands anywhere near the hot wax in the tank.
    • The paraffin wax dipper has two lids so while two boxes are draining and being painted, you can dip two more.
    • Sides are insulated for heating efficiency and to prevent accidental burns.
    • Comes with an overflow in case of a boilover.
    • Has a gauge to help you regulate the temperature.
    • Includes two x 3 ring gas burners to heat it, but not the gas bottles