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Metal Queen Excluder

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Hive World provides this sturdy galv metal queen excluder with a wooden frame to sit nicely in your hive.  The metal inner frame won’t warp and is easy to clean with our queen excluder cleaning tool.

Queen excluders ensure your honey for harvest is kept free of brood.  However, it is important to remove them in winter to enable the queen to freely move into the warmest part of the hive thus ensuring the survival of the hive through to spring.

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  • Description

    Hive World now supplies a sturdy wooden frame Metal Queen Excluder.  Advantages of this product include:

    • galv metal inner frame for long lasting strength – the metal queen excluder won’t distort to accidently allow the queen through.
    • easy to clean with our queen excluder cleaning shovel – see link:  Maintaining cleanliness of the excluder is most important to ensure the bees have free access to the honey supers at all times.  Left to themselves, bees tend to propolise or make burr comb over everything in sight!
    • wooden frame prevents slippage when placed between the supers.
    • provides a suitable beespace allowance within the hive.
    • Queen excluders are important for ensuring the honey for harvesting is kept clean by preventing the queen from laying brood in the upper supers.  However, it is important to remove the excluders over winter in order for the queen to be able to freely move to the warmest area in the hive.  This ensures her survival, and consequently, the survival of your hive through the winter.
    • We recommend avoiding any acid treatments while the metal excluder is in place in the hive.  This will help delay the onset of rust.

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