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Hive Mat Kitset

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Our Hive mat kitset includes kiln dried rims with a tempered hardboard sheet for a durable product to use in your hive.

The hive mat is used as an insulator and to prevent your hive lid from being stuck down by over-active propolizing bees.  You can sit your top feeder on it and make a small hole for the bees to enter the feeder.  This works particularly well with the Hive World Top Feeder as it has its own lid to keep the bees insulated from the weather.

The 40mm rim hive mat can be used as an escape board.  Firstly,  make a hole in the mat then screw a bee escape (either an 8-way or porter style) on top.   Place it underneath the supers you are wanting to harvest.  The deeper rim allows for the addition of the bee escape:  this means it will fit comfortably between the hive boxes.

We also supply a nuc hive mat to fit your nuc boxes.  Check your options below:

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  • Description

    The Hive mat kitset (also known as a crown board):

    • comes in three sizes:  22mm and 40mm rim regular (finished size 510 x 410;  hardboard measurement 478 x 375) and  nuc which is a finished size of 510 x 228 (hardboard measurement:  478 x 193mm).
    • Insulates your supers from temperature extremes.
    • helps to prevent condensation inside the hive.
    • Using a hive mat will prevent your lid from being propolized down and therefore unable to be removed.
    • Made from kiln dried rims with a tempered hardboard sheet.
    • The hive mat kitset is very easy to assemble.
    • Use the 40mm rim for making your own escape boards when harvesting honey.  Simply add a porter or 8-way bee escape.  (The Hive World assembled escape board has the deeper 40mm rims.  This allows for the 8-way bee escape to sit comfortably in the extra space allowed.)
    • If using with a top feeder, make a small hole in the centre to allow the bees access to the feeder.
    • For quantity pricing, please call us.

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    Weight 1.245 kg
    Dimensions 51 × 41 × 2.3 cm

    Regular Hive mat, nuc Hive mat, 40mm hive mat