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Heavy duty wire crimper

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Heavy duty wooden handled metal wire crimper for tightening frame wire – the easy way to tighten and crimp your installed frame wire to hold the foundation securely.

This solid tool will do the job for you without straining your hands.  Simply place wire between the metal wheels and grip tight and move along the wire; it will tighten and crimp  at the same time without straining the wire thus holding your foundation secure for the bees to draw out easily.

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  • Description

    Hive World’s wooden handled metal wire crimper is:

    • a proven method of tightening your frame wire when using wax foundation with wooden frames.
    • easy to use, simply place metal wheels either side of the installed wire and move along the wire, gripping the handles firmly to tighten and crimp in the one movement.
    • of solid construction for long-lasting usage.
    • used to avoid straining the wire.  Easy on your hands due to the comfortable grip.
    • ensures the wire holds the foundation firmly so the bees can draw out the comb correctly.
    • maintains your wired frames for longer as the crimper keeps your wires tight.

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