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Full Depth Timber Kitset Frame Grooved

$1.90 Excluding GST

The Full Depth Grooved Frame Kitset  is a wooden frame that has a groove suitable for using with plastic foundation.

As bees are known to prefer wooden frames this provides a compromise.  More economical than using beeswax foundation but more natural than a complete plastic frame with foundation.  You do not have to bother with wires which makes the job easier. The plastic foundation will still need to be coated with wax to encourage the bees to draw out the comb.

These quality frames are made in New Zealand to New Zealand standards.

Minimum order quantity is 10.

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  • Description

    FD grooved kitset frame:

    • Wooden frames come in kitset form for compact freight.
    • They are made of New Zealand timber in New Zealand so consequently they can handle New Zealand conditions.
    • Kitset frames are easily assembled, you only need nails and glue.
    • These full depth frames are suitable for use with plastic foundation inserts.  Plastic foundation is cheaper than beeswax foundation and furthermore it is stronger and can handle years of use. NOTE:  You need to coat plastic frames with beeswax to enable the bees to draw out the comb easily.
    • Bees prefer wooden to plastic frames so these provide a good compromise for the beekeeper.

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