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Wax Foundation Medium Brood

$22.00$26.00 Excluding GST

 Beeswax medium brood foundation.

This is your all round general purpose grade for brood and honey.

Use with our Drilled Timber Kitset  Frames or our ready-wired frames.

Price shown is for  10 sheets.

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  • Description

    Beeswax medium brood wax foundation:

    • Made from the purest beeswax available sourced only from New Zealand beekeepers.
    • It is heated and micro-filtered to remove all dross and moisture before rolling therefore you are only paying for pure beeswax.
    • If stored in cardboard packaging in dry conditions, beeswax has an indefinite shelf life.  Due to its purity, wax moths do not attack it.
    • Medium Brood Wax Foundation is an all round general purpose grade.  This makes it suitable for using in both the brood box and the honey supers.
    • Our wax foundation is suitable for use in wooden frames without the bottom groove but it is best to wire your foundation if you are wishing to use an extractor to harvest your honey.
    • Minimum order quantity 10.

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    Full Depth, 3/4 Depth