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Beehive Smoker European style

$43.50 Excluding GST

Hive World’s European-style beehive smoker with separate inner tank is designed in the Raunchboy style.
Constructed in stainless steel, this smoker has wire protection and a removable and replaceable inner combustion chamber with corium leather bellows.

The replaceable inner chamber will ensure your smoker gives you a long life of usefulness.
Height 245 mm x diameter 104 mm

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  • Description

    European-style beehive smoker with inner tank:

    • is strongly made of robust, corrosion-free stainless steel.   It includes a wire frame for outside protection to prevent burns.
    • Styled in the Raunchboy look, this smoker is the traditional European style.
    • It includes a removable combustion chamber that is also replaceable.  The advantage of this is you get  a much longer life for your investment.
    • All our smokers have quality corium leather bellows for durability.
    • Height 245 mm x diameter 104 mm.  This size provides you with a good fuel capacity. This helps to last out your work around the apiary without needing to replenish your burner contents as frequently.

    Additional information

    Weight .945 kg
    Dimensions 20.5 × 13 × 17.5 cm