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Comb Honey Cassettes 500 grams x 6

$13.22 Excluding GST

Let the bees do the work for you!

A simple, no-mess way to produce comb honey for sale.

Line these Comb Honey Cassettes with thin wax foundation cut to size and slot into the Quick Clip Cassette Frame  see’

The bees will fill the box with comb and all you need to do is remove the cassette when full and place the lid on.  The cassettes hold 500g of comb honey and fit 6 to a frame.  You can easily purchase replacement boxes to repeat the process.

Priced per set of 6.

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  • Description

    Our plastic comb honey cassettes:

    • include a frame to hold the foundation as well as a clear plastic top and bottom to attractively present your  comb honey for sale.
    • These cassettes are replaceable as we sell them separately from the frames.
    • are a simple, no mess way to harvest your comb honey.  All you need to do is line the frame with a square of thin wax foundation and the bees will get to work.
    • match with HCM-FR-3-04 Plastic Quick-Clip Cassette Frames.
    • These are available to purchase in sets of 6 because this is the quantity that fits in each frame.


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    Dimensions 14 × 10 × 26 cm